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The Kjeller Game Network hosts a variety of servers for a mix of communities!

mocha's coffee shop

She didn't choose the Kart Life Abusing Rabbits since 2020.
The Official Rabbit Abuse Simulator Community server!
Heavily Modded and full of content decided on by the community, for the community.

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KGN+ (Closed)


SPB Rush! A mostly vanilla Kart experience.
Vanilla+ is a collection of 24/7 servers designed to have a Karting experience as close to Vanilla as possible, with a few QoL improvements provided by HostMOD and KartMP

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Impending Kiry-boom! Every 20 seconds... one of you will die.
Not dissimilar to Vanilla+, but with a twist.
Eliminator is turned on!
15 seconds after a race starts, a countdown begins... 20 seconds later, the person in last explodes...

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Kaboom! 24/7 Battle centred on the BattlePlus Mod.
Battle+ is a single 24/7 server with content primarily focussed on the BattlePlus Mod.
It's not always kill or be killed in BattlePlus, sometimes you're chasing after rings, or emeralds... Or dueling 1 on 1 with sinks...

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Third Parties on the KGN

Gotta Go Fast: Tricks

Manh Bap by Doomrabbit
A fast paced and heavily modded experience managed by Doomrabbit.
Hard Speed, Tricks and lots of custom maps.

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Interdimensional Circuit

The Duality of Bun Competition Cranked to 11
Show off your competitive chops in a heavily modded Kart experience with a ranking system!

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