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SRB2Kart Hosting


The Kjeller Game Network runs a wide variety of servers and services for a number of online communities. SRB2Kart Server Hosting is one of those services!

Our Servers Support The KGN

About Us

  • The Kjeller Game Network was created out of a love for gaming and having fun with others.
    Over time this has expanded from a group of friends playing games together to community game hosting.
  • The Network hosts a variety of games, on demand, based out of many datacentres.
    With physical servers provided by OVH as well as Cloud offerings by Vultr and Hetzner.
  • The primary demand at the moment is for SRB2Kart.
    With many servers online at once in multiple locations with different configurations to keep players engaged.


We host a variety of servers for a mix of communities!

mocha's coffee shop
She didn't choose the Kart Life Abusing Rabbits since 2020.
The Official Rabbit Abuse Simulator Community server!
Heavily Modded and full of content decided on by the community, for the community.

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SPB Rush! A mostly vanilla Kart experience.
Vanilla+ is a collection of 24/7 servers designed to have a Karting experience as close to Vanilla as possible, with a few QoL improvements provided by HostMOD and KartMP

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Impending Kiry-boom! Every 20 seconds... one of you will die.
Not dissimilar to Vanilla+, but with a twist. Eliminator is turned on! 15 seconds after a race starts, a countdown begins... 20 seconds later, the person in last explodes...

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Kaboom! 24/7 Battle centred on the BattlePlus Mod.
Battle+ is a single 24/7 server with content primarily focussed on the BattlePlus Mod. It's not always kill or be killed in BattlePlus, sometimes you're chasing after rings, or emeralds... Or dueling 1 on 1 with sinks...

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Gotta Go Fast: Tricks
Manh Bap by Doomrabbit
A fast paced and heavily modded experience managed by Doomrabbit. Hard Speed, Tricks and lots of custom maps.

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Interdimensional Circuit
The Duality of Bun Competition Cranked to 11
Show off your competitive chops in a heavily modded Kart experience with a ranking system!

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Platform and Tools

The Kjeller Game Network uses a wide array of tools and services to host it's services.

Hetzner's Cloud services provide us with flexible, powerful and cost effective services in Europe.

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Cloud Compute
Vultr's Cloud Compute service give us access to a wide range of hosting locations around the world!

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Dedicated Server Hosting
Hosting in Canada and France is provided by powerful and affordable SoYouStart Dedicated Servers.

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Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean
Cloud Computing
DigitalOcean Droplets provide flexible hosting options for a variety of projects.

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DreamHost Shared Webhosting
DreamHost is where we host this site, and our http_source files. Unlimited storage and bandwidth!

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Duck DNS
Duck DNS Dynamic DNS Provider
Duck DNS provide a simple URL based front-end for assigning IP addresses to domain names.

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Cloudflare Domain Names and Caching
Cloudflare provide cheap and powerful domain hosting, DNS and global caching.

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Hover Domain Names
Hover provide exceptional support and simple domain hosting at reasonable prices.

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